Go Green!! Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day 2014

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The significance of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day is something that is very special. This is because it is the Feast of St. Patrick, who is one of the most beloved of all Irish saints, and the date of March 17th recognizes the death of this very recognized patron saint in a major way. The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is something that is both very cultural and religious at the same time.

The reason we go green on St. Patrick’s Day is out of love and respect for an awesome Irish saint, and Saint Patrick, is indeed that one saint. St. Patrick’s Day was made an official feast day for Christians back in the early 17th century and is something that is observed by different churches. One of the biggest of all these churches is no other than the Catholic Church. Some of the other churches that do observe this holiday do include the Anglican Communion, which does include the Church of Ireland, the Lutheran Church, and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Some of the various celebrations that are in association with St. Patrick’s Day do include parades and festivals that are public in nature. There is also the wearing of green attired and drinking lots of alcohol such as green beer, for example, amid many alcoholic beverages that are offered at bars and pubs. Another way to celebrate it is by going to church services too.

St Patrick Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is a public holiday in Ireland. It is also something that is observed by Irish folk, as well as, anyone else who lives in Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. It is a type of holiday that is designed with all ages in mind. This means you can be 100, and still celebrate St. Paddy’s Day, or you can be a baby in a stroller only a few months old. St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t know any given age for having fun. It is a very unique and special kind of holiday, which is meant, to be celebrated by everyone.

What is the significance of celebrating this holiday in Ireland and everywhere else? As was previously stated here, it is mostly celebrated to honor the passing of the great Irish saint, who is no other than the famous Saint Patrick. However, it is a holiday that is far more than just that, it is also a holiday to be proud of one’s heritage and that is a fact. St. Patrick’s Day isn’t all about being Irish either. It is all about being whoever you are, and being very proud of that fact, no matter who you are in essence. It is a people’s holiday to celebrate happiness about who they are in the world, despite their particular race, religion, or whatever else. It is a holiday to celebrate you and that is a very good thing. This is because, all of us, are people in the world and the world is an awesome place because of that reality.

The wearing of green reflects not only love for Saint Patrick, but also love of self, as well as love of others. We are happy with who we are, be it Irish, be it Italian, be it Spanish or Chinese. We can let down our hair and celebrate the Great Melting Pot effect together. How celebrated in Canada? St. Patrick’s Day is observed in Canada in a number of ways from wonderful parades to special Irish themed parties to serving traditional dishes such as Colcannon or Irish stew.

The significance, as well as meaning of just why, people do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is something that is widespread the world over. Saint Patrick was the very first of all important saints in Ireland, and amid the first of the saints who did introduce the Irish people to Christianity.

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