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Markham Scrap Car Removal & Recycling – Junk Yard Markham

If you are outward to sell your Junk/Scrap car for instant cash in Markham, or if you recognize to Donate your Scrap Car we will be there to help you out. We’re more please than you to pick it up and donate the money to Sick Kids Charity.

We are a fully insured & highly reputed Scrap Car Removal service provider who is famous for its Instant Quote and paying the top cash for your old scrap car. Say us honorable now and get the top interchange for your scrap car.

We buy scrap cars for cash, scrap vans, scrap trucks and any old object you may need to get rid of. DNY Recycling, Toronto offers 24/7 Junk car removal in Markham and pickup anywhere in GTA (within 50 Km) including Whitby, Oshawa, Burlington and Water down to Maple.

We can proudly say that money is not our primary focus in this business but we also know our responsibility about the community we’re in. We are always up for Charity to help the Sick Kids and hope to support them forever.

Donate your Salvage Car for Charity to help Sick Kids

Donate your junk scrap Car for Charity to help Sick KidsEvery human existence especially the kids have the right to be harmless and ruddy. Kids are the most beautiful creatures in this world. They being soft ones and dependant need our support and help. We at DNY Recycling are always there to facilitate these kids and contribute a better future for these soft ones.

Estimate the value of your Car, No Hidden Costs, Cash on the spot!

You must ask for a quote as it is free and instant. Request a quote and we’ll get back to you giving you a true value quote for your scarp car. Send us the details today and watch us making the Scrap car removal process easy as 1-2-3!.

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Call Now for Scrap Car RemovalWe are really very quick in our work. Give us a call now, We are Just a call away from you. Call now at: 416-823-1977

Worried about what we pay?

cash for scrap car removal recycling disposalWe pay up to $2500 cash!! Our specialty is to pay Top cash for your old junked salvage car. You ask around and I bet you center our found.

Towing and Pick up of car is free!

Scrap car removal towingTowing of your car is absolutely FREE!! We won’t cost you anything for the pickup and the paperwork we do.

Eco-Friendly Scrap Car Recycling – Junk Car Disposal Markham

Eco-friendly Scrap Car RecyclingWe aren’t sure if you know the troubles what a scrap car standing in your garage could do to the environment. Yes that car, allay “Bang of your time” has become a transmitter of umpteen unfavorable air borne and wet borne diseases! We understand that everyone is inclined of his car yet we have to get rid of it as fast as we can. Contact us today and we will be happy to provide you the best value for your old scrap car on the spot.

Statistics About Markham

Markham comes in the Regional Municipality of York. Markham is situated and surrounded by GTA (Greater Toronto Area) of Southern Ontario. The community of Markham is the 4th largest community inside the Greater Toronto Area. Markham has a population of 301,709 people currently. Markham has an area of 212.47 Km sq. A s city Markham came in existence in 1 July, 2012. ( Source Wikipedia )

Types of Cars we buy
Salvage Car Removal
Scrap Car Removal
Auto Wreckers Service
Broken Car Removal
Cars with Missing Wheels

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Now you dont need to worry about the pain of taking your car to a scrap yard. Leave it on us !