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Statistics About Newmarket

Newmarket is a past municipality in the present city of Toronto. Newmarket consists of north division of Toronto. With other some other cities in Ontario it comprises the Metropolitan Toronto, it is the most varied area of Toronto as it consist of many wealthy areas of city. Newmarket has a total population of 635370 currently. It has an area of 176Km sq. ( Source Wikipedia )

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cash for scrap car removal recycling disposalOur promise is as reliable as the rising sun, so we will pay you the price what we quote you. We have no hidden charges. So what we pay is the true value for your scrap car.

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cash for scrap car removal recycling disposalOur Junk/Scrap car removal services are accessible 24 / 7. Our speciality is to come and remove your scrap car same day itself.

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Scrap car removal TowingIt’s absolutely Free of cost!! We don’t charge you anything for the removal of scrap car. Call us and we will reach you instantly for scrap car removal.

What do you think are few important reasons to get rid of your junk car?

  • Statistics are the evidence that you expend 100- 200 cash on your inoperable junk car every month. It’s always a wise decision to get a new car instead.
  • Save your surroundings. Your junk car could do harm to the environment.
  • You could utilize the space for your other vehicles and for other purpose like lawn, garden, store, playing space for kids at your home.

How does DNY recycling Newmarket work:

  • Call us telling the exact location of you Junk car.
  • Get ready with car keys and ownership documents.
  • Take out your personal stuff from your scrap car.
  • Have your junk car removed and get instant cash for it.

The specialty of DNY recycling Newmarket is paying top cash on the spot, quick removal and free towing anywhere in Newmarket.
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We will be pleased to help you and saving the environment

In case you decide to DONATE YOUR VEHICLE..

Donate your junk scrap Car for Charity to help Sick KidsIf your choice is to donate your vehicle for a charity like Sick Kids, we will be glad to assist you.
We are always up giving a hand in helping our society.
We charge nothing for processing or conducting your charity vehicle. All the amount of the selling of your vehicle goes honestly for the help of Sick Kids
You will obtain a significant tax receipt for your vehicle donation.

Types of Cars we buy
Salvage Car Removal
Scrap Car Removal
Auto Wreckers Service
Broken Car Removal
Cars with Missing Wheels

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