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Car Maintenance Tips for Cold Weather in Canada

Posted by on Jan 29, 2017 in Blog, Car Maintenance Tips | Comments Off on Car Maintenance Tips for Cold Weather in Canada

Car Maintenance Tips for Cold Weather in Canada

The winter weather poses a great threat to motorists especially because they do not have the do’s and don’ts necessary during the season of extreme cold . It is due to the heavy snowfall experienced in Canada during winter that motorists need to be informed of measures to take in order to be able to maintain their motor vehicles so to avoid being stranded and unnecessary expenses of hiring a specialist when things go wrong. These tips would go a long way in helping a motorist deal with the challenges brought by the winter weather. The Antifreeze Check : Use a radiator fluid analyzer or refractometer to draw a couple of drops of liquid catalyst from the radiator or flood. This will give data on the present solidifying purpose of your auto’s radiator fluid. Check the ordinary least temperature for your region, and add more liquid catalyst as required to verify your motor piece does not solidify. The Tires Check: Grab a ruler and check the profundity of the tread on your tires. Assuming that driving in snow, verify the tires have at least 6/32 of an inch of tread. In the event that driving on wet streets, search for at least 4/32 of an inch of tread. Make a point to check every one of the four tires, in light of the fact that tires don’t dependably wear equally, and reinstate tires that don’t meet the base tread profundity for you territory’s climate. Likewise, check tire weight and verify the inflation reflects the maker’s proposals for your vehicle. Visibility Check: Check the wiper cutting edges for indications of splitting and wear. Swap harmed sharpened pieces of steels with either winter cutting edges or all-season wiper razor sharp edges. Fill the windshield wiper liquid compartment with non-solidifying windshield wiper liquid. Never use plain water within the windshield wiper liquid compartment for winter driving, since plain water can solidify on the windshield, causing poor visibility increasing the risk of an accident. The Oil Check: Check the oil for indications of particulate matter in the oil. Assuming that the motor oil looks thick or abnormally dim, begin the season right with a new oil change, making a point to utilize the oil thickness prescribed by the producer for icy climate vehicle operation. Data about proposed oil consistency for chilly climate operation is accessible in the holder’s manual or through an online hunt. Swap or Keep up the Battery: Check the date stamp on your auto’s electric storage device, and think about reinstating it if the electric storage device is more than three years of age. While taking a gander at the electric cell, clean the metal connectors to verify the links reach the electric cell terminals. At last, if the electric storage device has any low cells, significance the liquid in the compartments inside the electric storage device seems lower in a few units than others, the low cells refilled by a trustworthy technician. Follow these simple tips and you will go through the winter season in Canada as smoothly as possible. Still if you think your car is beyond repairs and has become inoperable, then its the time to get rid of it and try searching out any Scrap car recycler like DNY Recycling. Give us a call at:...

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