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The Crystal Ball: Scrap Car Price Predictions for 2014

Posted by on Feb 17, 2017 in Blog, Scrap Cars | Comments Off on The Crystal Ball: Scrap Car Price Predictions for 2014

The Crystal Ball: Scrap Car Price Predictions for 2014

Wondering about scrap car price predictions for 2014? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give just a few very simple projections for the price of scrap metal this year. We will also examine what the market’s past tells us about scrap metal prices, as well as a few of the overall factors that may affect how much you actually get for your scrap car. If you are thinking about selling a scrap car this year, you cannot afford to miss out on this article. What We Could See This Year This year has already seen an upswing (in January) and another downswing (already, in February) for the price of scrap metal, and, therefore, scrap cars. Some sources do tell us, however, that they expect an overall slight rise in prices for scrap metal this coming year, as they think demand for scrap metal will increase in places like Europe. They believe that this will be the case until around the year 2015 or so. However, in the meantime, prices could still yo-yo up and down from month to month in America. What History Teaches Us History teaches us that predicting the overall possible market value and price of scrap metal is not a science, at all. Many larger corporations in the metal and scrap metal industry, in fact, avoid making any predictions at all. They see the scrap metal industry as being far too volatile to predict. Prices can (and do) change at the drop of a hat, so to speak. History teaches us this has been the case for a long time, if we look back at past trends. The good news is that current demand seems pretty strong. Factors to Consider There are plenty of factors to consider when you might be wondering how much you could get for your scrap car. First, consider how large and heavy your car itself is. Many scrap yards pay in pounds, so this could obviously effect the overall price you get. Older cars are normally heavier (and contain more scrap metal) than newer cars. Lastly, remember that the overall demand and market price for scrap metal also has a huge effect on just how much your scrap car is worth when you sell it. Who you sell it to may also make a difference. If you have any old scrap car and you are looking for a Scrap Car metal Recycler then you can call DNY Recycling at:...

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