Underground Parked Car Removal

Do you have an old, broken down car you’d like to get rid of? Is it an eye sore to yourself and your neighbors? If so, there may be a way you can get rid of this driveway clutter and also make some good money out of it. There was a time you could expect that hiring a tow truck to clear your underground parked car could cost $100.00 or even more! But now, there is a real “Cash for Clunkers” deal that everyone can take advantage of. DNY Recycling is a scrap car buyer that would two your junk for free and guarantees to pay you the most cash.

Scrap Car Removal Recycling

It is no more hassle now.Has your old junk car finally decided to bite the dust at 12:00 a.m. in some parking lot? Well guess what? No need to worry about it!! We offer our service 24/7. This is truly the easiest and most convenient way to dispose of an unwanted vehicle, and we guarantee that you will get top dollar for your scrap car! As cars age to near the end of their driving life, they can become extremely costly to maintain. As the engine starts to run less efficiently, they begin to turn into bottomless gasoline eaters, not to mention the repair bills. One, two, and even more trips to the mechanic can add up to hundreds, even thousands, of dollars which aren’t worth it. There is no point in paying so much money to keep a car running for the short amount of time. These repairs will add to the cars lifespan when you can get money for that car now, and put that toward a new one! Also keep struggling with this car would cause major hazardous to your family and the environment.

Another amazing thing about our business is that we also provide our clients with the option to donate their car to benefit charitable organizations. When a client donates a car to us, we, in turn, salvage the scrap metal and donate all of the profits to benefit Sick Kids. So not only can disposing of an old unused car be a quick and easy money-maker for you, you can also choose to help those less fortunate and still free up some extra space. In addition to all of this, let’s not forget about the effect this recycling has on our environment. Why leave your car to rot in a junkyard that you paid to send it to, when you can send it to be recycled and reused and reduce your carbon footprint! Therefore, if you have a broken-down or unused car, the best option for you is call a scrap car buyer!

Types of Cars we buy
Salvage Car Removal
Scrap Car Removal
Auto Wreckers Service
Broken Car Removal
Cars with Missing Wheels

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Now you dont need to worry about the pain of taking your car to a scrap yard. Leave it on us !