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There are strict laws regarding the cash payment for scrap car removal and towing in the Canada. In the recent years, fines have increased significantly for those who were guilty of metal theft. However, there are new proposed laws at present that maintain low-risk transactions.

One of which is that The Environment Protection Act now require scrap metal dealers to get permission before they can operate on a website. They must obtain the permit from the Environment Agency for them to do so. Otherwise, they will be required to pay a fine; or worse, they may face five years length of imprisonment. Aside from getting a permit, dealers who transport scrap metal to different locations must first register themselves as a waste carrier. Failing to do so will automatically regard these carriers as criminals who must face the consequences of their actions.

Scrap Car Removal Disposal

To legalize their operation, the waste carriers should make sure that the automotive scrap metal is a transported onto a licensed party such as registered junk yards. They must also complete a waste transfer note (WTN) which describes the waste signed by the carrier and the person to whom the waste is being supplied. The WTN must be maintained by the supplier for at least two years and produce whenever it is required.

According to the current Scrap Metal Dealers Act, the supplier must register with their local authority first. The local authority will have a list of registered dealers in which the records must be maintained by the dealers at all times. Records include the type of metals they receive, the details of metal processing, names of disposers, etc.

Evidently, the Canada is becoming much stricter in imposing laws regarding this matter. For them, it is believed that waste materials should not require any form of payment with top cash paid or cash on the spot. The money is easy once a person has a spare waste metal; hence, the growing case of metal theft or scrap car GTA. The current laws have helped greatly in eradicating this type of crime and paved way for legitimate metal merchants to flower.

If you are looking for a junk car removal, it is advised of you to look for registered ones. They must possess an environmental agency license and meet all the governmental requirements. Remember, the accountability is not only in their side but yours as well. Authorities will also question you about the illegal transaction and you may face the necessary punishment for this.

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